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nim   Celtic Punk : Pipes and Pints 5 19/11/10 à 14:30

Un groupe tchèque qui file une pêche de malade ! Pour les amateurs de Punk, de musiques celtes à base de cornemuse, leur présentation (en anglais, desolé mais là j'ai la flemme)

Chercher :
-Pipes and pints When the pipers play
-Pipes and pints Kensington Club
-Pipes and pints Criticized
ou encore
-Pipes and pints Until we die

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Pipes and Pints are a celtic punk band from Prague, Czech Republic, combining punk rock with highland bagpipes.

Pipes and Pints were formed in 2006 by Vojta Kalina (Highland bagpipes/vocals) with a dream of a band that combines punk rock with dirty folk music such as The Pogues. Soon after, he met Tomas Novotny (guitar/vocals) who shared the same dream, flavored by country and rock and roll. The band released a demo and toured Central Europe (Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, and Slovakia) both as a headlining band and in support of The Porters, Society Parasites, and others throughout 2007 and 2008. However, the vision of the future for Pipes and Pints was not shared by all of the original members and a line-up change resulted in the addition of Lukas Vincour (drums/vocals), who moved to Prague from Moravia; Syco Mike (lead vocals), who canceled his return from Austria back to native California and moved to Prague with only his dog Tequila; and eventually Ondra Balvin (bass/vocals), a good friend from the streets, squats, and clubs of Prague.

In December 2008, the new Pipes and Pints line-up (without Ondra on bass yet) recorded a 5-track EP which immediately became a promise of better days and the beginning of a new adventure. This EP release was well received and the boys didn't hesitate to hit the road with it.[4][5] It was during that tour Pipes and Pints added new bass player Ondra and proved to everyone they were serious about their music as evidenced by their relentless and voracious touring of European clubs and festivals. After less than a year the band got a reputation as true believers who give it all they have and you could see them with bands like The Porters, Church of Confidence, Born To Lose, Deadline, Hudson Falcons, Al And The Black Cats and more, or as a headlining band.

In November 2009, Pipes and Pints are releasing their debut, full-length album entitled Until We Die with the cooperation of Wolverine Records for Europe and Unrepentant Records for North and South America. Pipes and Pints are devoting the rest of 2009 and 2010 to what they love the most: live shows. With plans to support the album with as many gigs and tours as possible, Pipes and Pints are looking forward to making music "until they die"

Celtic Punk : Pipes and Pints 1/5 19/11/2010 à 15:18
Vu en concert y'a deux semaines dans une petite salle pret d'Paris, juste une tuerie, d'ja en album c'est excellent, mais en live, c'est fabuleux
Criticized est la meilleur de loin (même si tout l'dernier album est fabuleux)
Et now j'pris pour qu'il passe au Groezrock
Celtic Punk : Pipes and Pints 2/5 19/11/2010 à 16:19
J'les ai vus à Lille au CCL y'a une semaine, on est d'accord, juste énormes. Mais mes p'tites preferées restent Kensington Park et When the Pipers play !
Celtic Punk : Pipes and Pints 3/5 19/11/2010 à 16:46
Et la j'suis en train d'floodé leurs page facebook, pour qu'ils viennent au Groezrock (t'es Lillois, tu dois y'aller toi j'pense)
Mais Symo (Mike, le chanteur) en plus il a une energie et un charisme, s'fait limite peur j'trouve
Celtic Punk : Pipes and Pints 4/5 20/11/2010 à 07:42
J'adore le coté "tous à fond"(non pas les sales maj) du groupe, tout le monde est ultra énergique, et même le guitariste qui se planque derrière, bah il dégage un truc. c'est assez sympathoche. Et Groezrock est trop cher pour moi, je me contente des concerts aux CCL ;)
Celtic Punk : Pipes and Pints 5/5 20/11/2010 à 15:31
Non mais t'façon rien que Mike et le Pipers (dont j'arrive jamais a m'rapellé l'nom), a eux deux ils te retournent le public niveau energie
Et perso, le Groezrock, pour la gueule qu'il a l'année prochaine, j'trouve sa peu cher
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